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February: Topics Future possibilities, Wordle, Scams, Ripoff Tipoff website


October: Help for visually impaired, more covid news, Scams

September: Holiday technology tales, internet memes

August: Apps for Hard of hearing, Exercise, Scams, Old photographs

June: Food recipes, Air Tags, Scams, Covid vaccine passport scheme and Exercise

May: General information and events. Art online. Health: Covid home testing and the NHS app. Apple AirTags. Scam Alerts.

April: General information and events. RSPB Birdwatch. Angry Birds game. Scams. Health & Fitness. The good old days. Joke of the month.

March: General information and events. Animate your family photos. Scams. Takeaway. Health & fitness. Puzzle. Joke of the month.

February: General information and current events. Art online. Art podcasts. The truth about Facebook targeted advertising. Scams. iPad stands. RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. Puzzle. Joke of the month.

January: General information. Lovely landscapes gallery. RSPB Great Bird Watch. Video calling. App of the month. Scam Alert: Bitcoin and delivery company emails. Puzzle.


March 31st: Sources for news. Health. Games. Scam Alert.

April 7th: Covid info. Games. Health. BBC Sounds. Cartoons.

April 14th: General information. News. Contactless payments. Entertainment. Games.

April 21st: General contact information. Local news sources. Health. Covid 19 – My mother’s  experience. Apps. Games. Scam Alert.

April 28th: General information. Apps. Shopping. Entertainment. Game of the week.

May 5th: General information. Facetime, Zoom & Skype. Apps. Games of the week. Scam Alert.

May 12th: General contact information. Junk mail and spam. Apps. Health. Podcasts. Shopping. Games. Scam Alert.

May 19th: Photos & pictures. Setting reminders. Apps. Shopping. Scam Alert.

May 26th: General information. Password managers. Apps. Shopping. Scam Alert.

June 2nd: General information. Facebook. Game of the week.

June 9th: General information. Nextdoor. YouTube. Painting on your tablet. Scam Alert.

June 16th: General information. YouTube pt.2. Painting on your iPad Pt.2. iPad & iPhone updates. Echo prescription service app. Scam Alert.

June 30th: General information. Apple maps. Find My Past. Virtual art galleries. Chirpomatic app. Games of the week. Scam Alert.

July 28th: General contact information. Google Arts & Culture. Surrey Libraries. Scam Alert.

August 25th: General information. Our Drive-in-Cinema event. Gardening. Amazon Prime. Apps. Scam Alert.

September 29th: General information. IT home visits. Libraries. Apps. Entertainment. Web cams. Social Media.

October 27th: General information. TV & films. Disappearing emails. Shopping. Scam Alert.

Dec 1st: General information. Rupert Bear. Christmas music. Online Christmas cards. Christmas presents. Health. Scam Alert.