In my head I had a great first blog post for you; one talking about our amazing team of staff and volunteers and a background of what we do. However something happened yesterday that shows exactly why we are needed and why in a so called affluent borough there are people who need our help.

Yesterday I went to a visit a lovely lady in her 70’s. Her lodger was leaving after 10 years and he was worried about her being left on her own. She has no family to rely on and no real friends. She finds cooking hard and is on a basic pension. These things are easily sorted – a quick call to Meals on Wheels and she has dinner every night. Our Home Visitor will check if she is entitled to more benefits.

But we cant do everything… Two months ago, this lady’s lounge ceiling collapsed. Leaving her with no carpet, no TV and nowhere to sit comfortably. All she has is a child’s chair to sit on and a cassette player for her Buddy Holly tapes. She had no insurance so couldn’t replace the damaged items. We will try and source some items for her so at least she has somewhere to eat her dinner – but this is happening in your borough. This lady was someone’s wife, a mother, a sister, a neighbour, someone you may have passed on the street. A lady that loves music and dancing and cats and who has a wicked sense of humour. This lady is not alone.

At Age Concern Epsom & Ewell we are here to help all the older people in the borough live their lives the best they can. Many people assume we are grant funded – we are not. We rely on donations and volunteers to survive and its getting more and more difficult.

We will make sure this story has a happy ending – can you help ensure the next one does too?